Furniture Care

At Oficina Britannia we want you to get the most out of your furniture and we really would like for you to enjoy it for as long as possible. Employ a few simple care routines such as those detailed below and you will be able to do just that.

Locating your furniture

Ideally furniture should be located out of direct sunlight to avoid the chance of being faded by UV rays. It should also be kept away from any areas of damp or extreme temperature.

Wood care

It is essential to regularly dust your furniture to remove airborne deposits otherwise they can build up as a layer of film and scratch the surface. Use a feather duster or a slightly damp, soft cloth to avoid scattering the dust into the air and leaving it to land back where it started. You can use a clean, dry towel to pick up any moisture left behind.

If your furniture features turned or carved areas then a lamb’s wool duster is ideal. They attract dust and their telescopic handles make them very convenient for hard to reach areas. You can buy these from online retailers such as Amazon.

Avoid all-purpose cleaning sprays unless your furniture is coated in plastic which may be the case with some children’s furniture.

If you have a sticky stain then rather than applying water directly, dip a cloth in mild, diluted detergent, wring so it is nearly dry and wipe. Rinse clean and dry straight away with a soft, dry cloth.

Do not place any hot object (i.e food, drinks, electrical appliances), and use placemats to protect the delicate surfaces.

If your hardware is starting to look like it is in need of polishing up, remove it first then clean with a metal or brass cleaner. Wait until it is completely dry before refitting.

Leather care

Keep leather clean by wiping down regularly with a clean, soft white cloth every week. If the environment is particularly dusty then increase the frequency. A white cloth is suggested as coloured cloths may deposit dye on the furniture.

It is also good practice to vacuum your leather furniture occasionally and you can use a damp (not soaking wet) cloth to remove and dirt build up if you haven’t been able to clean it for a while.

Always avoid chemicals, detergents and abrasive cleaners when dealing with leather. Use a gentle approach and always test any specialist cleaners on an inconspicuous area. For stains that are particularly bad, such as ink for example, consult a professional.